See how the content of your computer turns into your own unique metroidvania game environment!

What is it?

AdventurOS is a fantasy themed 2.5D metroidvania that will allow you to enjoy your operative system as never before.

You will enter a world that is entirely auto-generated by the content of your computer. Each room, object, enemy, puzzle, key, treasure, boss... Is actually an interpretation of the files and folders you can find on the computer where the game is running, and determined by the way they are organized.
Yes! That means there won't be two equal worlds. how will yours look like?

The game will be available on all desktop platforms.

The story

The architect has a problem. Together with his castle, all the creatures who live in it are in danger.
A big crisis is to be faced. Regardless the safety measures taken to protect his castle, the fateful day has come.
There is an unwished visitor among his guests, hidden behind a harmless appearance.
This despicable intruder has casted a curse in order to achieve his goal: To take over the architect's wealth and dominate all his inhabitants.
A caravan of voluntaries has now settled into his castle, leaded by their heroic captain who is determined to free them from the course.
Will he be able to overcome the challenges the evil intruder develops?
Like in all epic stories, the greatest roles are played from behind the scenes.   

Fight your own files turned into monsters, level up by exploring your castle, customize your character, solve puzzles and get ready for the bosses! 


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