NEW: Principia Mathematica (ALPHA)

(Exe file, updated)

We have been 3 days nonstop working from Sweden and Spain, using a microphone, making a speed game competition. 3 days nor more nor less. I slept 4 hours nor more nor less. After all it was worth and we got now a great product!

It's happened all, of course. Just one hour before the deliver Internet started to fail and stopped working, among other things. Yet as I write this I still have adrenaline. It was a great experience doing a videogame in a rush, I recommend it without hesitation.

Off course, as usual we didn't have enough time to add all the features we wanted so we are still working on the last version. Stay tuned for the Updates!

"Here in Principia Mathematica corp we work every day for the benefit of the world progress. We need you to test our new device which can control the Newton Laws of physics so we can start with the founding. Thankyou so much for trusting in P.M.!"

Dive into a huge lab, with a lot of scientist guiding your progress to make a new physic phenomenon true and meanwhile have a fun experience!

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